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This is not like any other online poledance class, as I will be available for you throughout the month. If you got any questions, just ask, and I will be here for you asap. We will actually get to know each other, and I will work hard to keep you satisfied. PS! You need to have a pole available.

Week by week I will help you reach your goals, from climbing your very first step up on the pole, dance fluid, master breathtaking spins to deadlifts, the Iron X and more.


Train undisturbed, with the monthly subscribtion plan. Two new tutorials every week, across levels. Want feedback? Send me your training video, and I'll give feedback on your questions, and leave you motivated.



Herdis Jenssen (50), from Norway, is a professional pole instructor and athlete. She has no dance or gymnastic background at all (let's be honest), but she has worked herself up from the very beginning, at the age of 37, and earned her status by working hard, competing, and collecting two World Championship Bronze medals. She has travelled many countries to learn from the best of the best, seeking education all the way. She stepped out of her comfort zone and started competing, both at National and International level, and she's earned two very proud bronze medals from two different World Championships. Hard work pays off, they say, and it is true! Herdis is a hard working woman, and eager to pass on her knowledge to those who want to learn. She has been teaching pole since 2011, collecting a wide range of experience, and if you believe that you could learn something from this ol' lady, go ahead and book her, she will be happy to hear from you.

PS! Don't let the age fool you, this gal is still going strong!

Competitions & results                                                                                         

2011  European Championship, Battle of the Pole, Sweden, placed 6'th                                  

2013  World Pole Sport Championship, England, Masters 40+, placed 5'th          

2014  Norwegian Pole sport Championship, Seniors (no masters category), placed 5'th        

2015  Norwegian Pole sport Championship, Masters 40+, 1'st place, Norwegian Champion

2016  Norwegian Pole sport Championship, Masters 40+, 1'st place, Norwegian Champion

2016  World Pole sport Championships, England, Masters Women 40+, BRONZE MEDAL     

2018  World Pole dance Championships, China, Seniors Women 37-49,BRONZE MEDAL     

2019  POSA Pole Sport World Championships, Finland, Masters Women 40+, placed 6'th


Certified X-Pert Pole Fitness Instructor: July 2011

Ballet Bårdar Beginner: January-March 2014

Certified IPSF Judge: January 2015 - January 2017

Certified Kinesiological Stretching Technique Instructor: January 2018

First Aid/CPR: January 2018

Bårdar Ballet Beginner: January-April/September-December 2018

Bårdar Contemporary Jazz Beginner: September-December 2018

Bårdar Tap Dance Beginner level 1: September-December 2018

IPSF Qualifications Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology & Biomechanics Level 1: February 2018




World Pole Sport Championships, London 2016




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