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In my latest post on IG I talk about my website and what I have to offer. My program is ment to help you develop your pole skills, by focusing on safe and secure technique, that will make you feel more comfortable and confident around and on the pole. You may book me at whatever level you're at, beginner, intermediate or advanced. I am very honest, and if you are a super advanced pole athlete, and I find that I can't help you, you will get a refund.

It does not matter where you live, you may be located in Norway, Sweden, anywhere in Europe, the USA, Japan.., well.. anywhere, as long as you understand English or Norwegian. It will not be a problem. There are time zones, of course, but I believe we can work around them.

Yes.., just wanted you to know, and feel free to ask me questions. You may also send email to

Have a nice day, everyone. Hope we'll talk soon:)

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